Pour Petite, translating to 'for small', is an ethically conscious linen loungewear brand for children.

Our designs are influenced by the simplicity of Swedish design, whilst also quietly referencing the shapes of Japanese workwear. Our garments are hardwearing, long-living, comfortable, unisex and trans-seasonal. Each collection is designed to be able to mix and match with complementary colours and designs, and then to be passed lovingly on to other family members and friends.

Our pieces are designed to be comfortable for all day - whether you use them as clothing in the day, or pyjamas in the evening.  

Using only premium linen and cottons within our collections, the Pour Petite linen is a plain weave with an aero wash for a softer feel. Our fabrics are naturally dyed and each colour in the range is developed and milled exclusively.

We take responsibility for our effect on the environment, and we are proud to be a sustainable and ethically manufactured brand. We work with small production numbers and use pattern making techniques to ensure minimum wastage. All of our garments are made entirely by hand, and our makers work in a healthy, happy and well-paid workplace. Your business supports our wonderful maker's entire family. 

As well as making beautiful, multipurpose linen loungewear for your children, we're also working to keep our footprint as small as those who wear our garments.